The Saada Story

S A A D A  (pronounced SAH DUH)  is an Australian swimwear label.  

Founded by Shannon Henderson Brown and grown by a small team of creatives located on the east coast of New South Wales in the town of Newcastle.

Every Saada bikini is designed, hand cut and sewn by our team. This process showcases that each piece is a treasured item made with a lot of love. 

The brands first forethought was late 2013 on the roof top of an old wooden gullet heading to port in Split Croatia. It was to create bikinis that would compliment the female body and to make a positive impact on anyone who wore them. It was amongst the Adriatic ocean that a promise was made to bring Saada to essence.

The name Saada was derived from the Croatian word sada meaning 'Now'.

It all started with the need for a bikini to accompany the body's natural shapes, be great for tanning and have the ability to be worn when being active at the beach. The first design was crafted from two pairs of Shannons' favourite underwear to create the most enhancing bikini bottom 'The Original Cut'. It was paired with a bow on the back which was influenced from the uniform from her long serving sport of American style Cheerleading. This resulted in wide spread interest across the cheerleading industry both in Australia and Internationally. 

Saada has grown over the years along side the #saadasquad who are a strong league of women from all over the world who are active, spread kindness, positivity and confidence. We not only want to continue to make complimenting bikinis, but It is our #saadasquad who we want to continue to make feel empowered and proud.

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