Gooey caramel filled Chocolate slice

Gooey caramel filled Choc slice

Trying to be healthy BUT YOU LOVE SWEETS (We've got you covered!)

I hope your day has been filled with relaxation, happiness and positive vibes. If you havn't already, I want you take some time to yourself look you to the sky or close your eyes and remember how wonderful life Is!

Before I changed to a healthy lifestyle I loved all things sweet ! And the hardest thing to do was cut out delicious sweet treats ! It took me months of researching on social media and the internet how to make healthy food just as sweet and delicious as unhealthy food. I discovered tonnes of ways! So don't think to change your lifestyle you have to cut out the yummy food because you don't!! Here is a super sweet, delicious BUT healthy and nourishing recipe to cure that sugar craving!!
Hayley @__almostvegan 

Base --
-3/4 cup Brazil nuts ( or walnuts/pecans or almonds)
-1/3 cup cacao powder
-10-11 pitted dates soaked
-1 tbsp honey ( or rice malt syrup)
Line a slice tin with baking baking paper
Simply blend all ingredients in a high powered blender until combined and press down in tin - set aside

Caramel --
-1/2 cup pitted dates (soaked in hot water for at least 5mins)
-1/2 cup cashew butter ( I made my own by simply blending cashews in a high powered blender and a little water until creamy)
-2 tbsp rice malt syrup
-1/4 cup coconut cream
Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender until smooth and pour on top of base - set in freezer.

Choc topping --
-3/4 cup coconut oil (melted and kept warm)
-1 tbsp homemade cashew butter
-3 tbsp rice malt syrup
-1/3 cup cacao powder
Mix all ingredients with a wisk or fork until smooth. 

Remove slice from freezer and pour on top - Place back in freezer for about 3hrs until set and enjoy!


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